Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heart and Soul

I don't have a complete thought or a lesson to teach, but I think I
have found the point where pschology ends and spirituality begins, within me.
I have never experienced more emotional pain in my life than I have in the past year and last 3 months, in perticular. There must be some lesson to all of this. I cannot find peace within myself but I think I certainly have discovered what love truly is.

While I was in Iraq I became concerned that I may leave this world and never pass along important life lessons to my children. I wondered what I could write down for them. But I didn't want to write down things that only pertained to this point in time. I wanted them to be lessons that would pertain to their adult lives well into the future.
I wanted to pass on timeless, universal truths. When I posed that question to myself; what do I know as universally true? I didn't really have an answer for myself. I couldn't think of anything that was true regardless of it being 10,000 B.C. or 2483 A.D.

That was in 2006 and I never found the universal truths that I was looking for until now. My universal truths are:

1) Love is giving; not taking.
2) Nothing is further away than a moment ago.

I know it may not seem like "shazam!" But these are truths that I have been looking for, for my entire life. To FEEL those truths is the most significant thing. To feel it makes you embrace honesty, patience and sincerity and makes you never want to hold back a tear or a smile.

All of the problems of my life are FAR from solved, but I know these
truths will guide my actions.