Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's funny, I used to have this idea that there was justice in the world. That somehow everything found balance over time and that people who had done wrong but seemingly got away with it, would eventually suffer justice at the hands of fate.

I really don't see that this is true. There isn't always balance. Good fortune and success can come and quite often comes to those who are not deserving. People who work hard and treat others fairly may never prosper and may only find burden and failure and inequity while those who intentionally harm, slander and deceive others can find success and happiness; even contentment.

Fairness shouldn't be something we think about. If it is an expectation, we will always be disappointed. It's best to ignore any concept of fairness and concentrate on our own happiness and goals and live knowing that we never intentionally harmed another along the way.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Know

Love is about "giving", not taking.

Nothing is further away than a moment ago.

Hell is when you hurt the ones you love.

There are things that you can take, but can never give back.

Selfishness is a subtle corruption.

The only way to live is to care for the ones you love and focus on
their happiness. To give of yourself and forgive yourself for your
faults and failures.

Learn from your mistakes. Know yourself and seek self improvement. You
will never be perfect but you will always be better having tried.

Be sincere and truthful. Do not be casual with other peoples feelings,
trust or affections.

Every statement I make here, I know to be true. Regardless of it being
10,000 B..C or the year 5683, these things are true and universally
apply to every human being. Every statement is my own thought and
reflection. I had a perfect life and couldn't find any of these truths
when I looked for them.
I destroyed my life and revelations sweep through my thoughts daily
now. Everyone lives with their own set of truths but sometimes they
are false or selfish. All real truths don't involve your own benefit.
They are for the benefit of others; those you love.

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